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America's Test Kitchen offers its spin on a Solly's Wisconsin butter burger

America's Test Kitchen has presented its own spin on Wisconsin's signature culinary achievement. Inspired by a visit to Milwaukee and what the writers called "one of the best things we tasted," the publication has shared a new recipe recreating one of the state's most notorious butter burgers: the especially buttery ones from Solly's Grille.

As you'd expect, it's not an especially complicated recipe -- no fancy seasoning, just salt, pepper, stewed onions and lots of butter (the publication recommends using the brand Kate's Homemade). The key secret to the burger: using a searing hot skillet to get a crispy char on the exterior of the thin burger patties. And, of course, using more butter than you ever thought possible.

Photo courtesy America's Test Kitchen |

"A slab of salted butter on the bun and a topping of some (even more) buttery stewed onions placed on our crispy burger—what could be better than that?" the writers marvel.

You can find the recipe on America's Test Kitchen's website. It's unclear whether the recipe will be featured on an upcoming episode of America's Test Kitchen's PBS show, but the show just started airing its 21st season earlier this month.