Band Together 2017 Recap

Band Together 2017 Recap

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Can the power of music of music connect people from different Milwaukee neighborhoods? That was the question we sought to answer during our second annual Band Together event at the end of September.

Relying on local Milwaukee talents, we brought in diverse genres of music and a variety of food vendors to put our question to the test. And what did we find out?

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88Nine's Cultural Commons Second Annual Band Together was wildly successful

Band Together attendees enjoying the rhythms of Cache

That the answer is a resounding “yes” — music has the unique ability to bring individuals together from all walks of life.

This year, over 350 audience members attended 88Nine’s Cultural Commons Second Annual Band Together. Each attendee was provided with a different colored glow stick to denote their favorite genre of music (or maybe just their favorite color) to spark conversation surrounding our similarities and differences as a whole.

We started our night on the rooftop where we enjoyed food provided by XANKIA, The Tandem, Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, and Jackie’s Cafe¬†and listened to the jazz trio, Kymaera, on 88Nine’s rooftop.

After enjoying the chilly evening, we moved downstairs for upbeat performances by Adi Armour, Tigernite, Cache, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee Davis Club Dancers. The audience was captivated in very different ways by each performance, truly showcasing the talent of local Milwaukee artists.

Adi Armour engaging Band Together’s audience

DJ Shawna wrapped up the evening with her incredible skills while audience members enjoyed late night pizza from Transfer Pizzeria Cafe.

This year’s Band Together highlighted the power of musical and artistic performances in not only bringing people from all over the city into a shared space, but also in its ability to span generations, from our young Davis Club Dancers to members of Cache who have been performing in Milwaukee for over 40 years.

Listen to Jordan Lee’s interview with Cecilio Negron, Jr. and Cecil Negron that exemplifies this point here:

Check out all of the pictures from 88Nine’s Second Annual Band Together in the gallery — who knows, you might even see yourself in the crowd!