Check out the #GetOutTheVote Posters for Thursday

Check out the #GetOutTheVote Posters for Thursday

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We already have a mural of prospective posters in our studio.

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A cultural gatering to motivate others to vote

This Thursday, October 27, after a 414 Session with artist Cincere, we’re hosting a #GetOutTheVote event in conjunction with AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Wisconsin. The event is free, open to the public, and happening from 5pm to 8pm. (There will be snacks from Riviera Maya.) Just follow this link here to register so we can get a head count.

#GetOutTheVote will be a cultural gathering to promote the importance of voting. You will be invited to collect as many free voting posters as you want in order to share them at your school, workplace, home, neighborhood, church, park, everywhere! Participation in the election is so important. This event will encourage each attendee to become “voter ambassadors” and inspire others to cast their vote on November 8th. See below for a couple of the sweet posters that will be available to collect (& distribute).

aiga_gotv_posters_11x1745JP Flores, Kenosha, Wisconsin
aiga_gotv_posters_11x174Jeffery McKay, Houston, Texas
aiga_gotv_posters_11x1762Jen Kuhn, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
aiga_gotv_posters_11x1722Christine Wisnieski, Cleveland, Ohio
aiga_gotv_posters_11x172Christopher Simmons, San Francisco, California
aiga_gotv_posters_11x1732strawberryluna, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
aiga_gotv_posters_11x1723Jill Spaeth, Fairfax, Virginia
aiga_gotv_posters_11x179Lila Meyer, Westport, Connecticut
aiga_gotv_posters_11x1717Ann Willoughby, Kansas City, Missouri
aiga_gotv_posters_11x1757Drew Lettner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin