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City Lounge is hosting a 'Friends' pop-up bar

City Lounge is going all in on this pop-up bar thing. Fresh from an "Office"-themed pop-up bar this month, and previous "Game of Thrones" and Harry Potter-themed makeovers, the restless Cudahy pub at 3455 E. Layton Ave., has announced its next endeavor: A "Friends"-themed pop-up bar.

City Lounge will pay tribute to the endlessly popular sitcom Nov. 8-30, with a custom drink menu and trivia nights on Thursday, Nov. 14, and Thursday, Nov. 21, according to the bar's Facebook page.

"Friends" | Courtesy NBC/Universal

As for what else City Lounge has planned for the pop-up, that remains to be seen. The bar went all out for its "Office" homage, creating a replicate of Michael Scott's desk and filling the space with cubicles, so we can probably expect the same attention to detail. There will probably be an orange couch? Oversized coffee cups? Maybe a stuffed monkey and a cutout of David Schwimmer? Who knows, but we're sure there will be all sorts of in-jokes.