Thirsty? Beer garden season is officially BACK!

Thirsty? Beer garden season is officially BACK!

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2016 Milwaukee Beer Gardens


Here in Wisconsin, we like to drink.

…and we really like to drink beer.

…but we ESPECIALLY like to drink beer outside.
And when it comes to that, what’s more fitting than a beer garden?

But Milwaukee beer gardens haven’t always been so peaceful and serene as they are today. In fact, would you believe me that at one point we had a Schlitz beer garden resort?

What about a Pabst beer garden amusement park?

ajaxhelperMilwaukee Public Library

…Yeah, it’s been quite the ride for us.

Regardless, though, beer gardens in Milwaukee are still going strong after almost 150 years and, from the looks of it, won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


Thirsty? Pick up a cold brew at any of these Milwaukee beer gardens OPEN NOW!

Estabrook Park Beer Garden:

4600 Estabrook Park, Milwaukee

Mon-Sun: Noon- 10PM

The Landing at Hoyt Park:

1800 N Swan Blvd, Wauwatosa

Wed-Fri: 3PM – 9PM

Sat-Sunday: noon-9PM

Milwaukee’s Craft Beer Garden in Humboldt Park:

3000 S. Howell Ave, Milwaukee

Mon-Sun: noon-9PM

South Shore Terrace

2900 S. Shore Drive, Milwaukee

Wed-Fri: 4PM-10PM

Sat-Sun: 11AM-10PM

Hubbard Park Beer Garden

3565 N Morris Blvd, Shorewood

The Traveling Beer Garden

Hours and schedule here