Hey Milwaukee,
paper or plastic?

Hey Milwaukee,
paper or plastic?

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bring the bag

So you’re checking out at the grocery store and the cashier turns to you and asks, “Paper or plastic?” Which do you choose?

Well, ask Emma Hudsen-Merit and her high school friends from Wauwatosa and they’ll answer “neither!”

Emma and her six friends make up the Wauwatosa “Community Problem Solvers,” a group of pro-active high schoolers determined to make a difference in their community. And their current project? Let’s get rid of plastic bags.

“With a mix of the sun and the water [plastic will] just break down into smaller and smaller pieces. The small, small pieces end up in our food chain because fish eat them, then the birds eat the fish, and knock-on effect, it goes all the way up.”

Together they started the “Bring the Bag” project throughout Wauwatosa; and by approaching local businesses and distributing information, they’ve even gotten multiple grocery stores to now offer their custom-made reusable grocery bag designed with the message, ‘Bring the Bag!’ as a reminder.

Want to help? Outpost, Sendiks, Pick’n’Save on State Street all offer their green reusable bag or to get involved, send them an email at wauwatosa.cmps@gmail.com.

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