Adams Garden Park brings environmental hub to Milwaukee

Adams Garden Park brings environmental hub to Milwaukee

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If there’s one thing Sharon and Larry Adams are known for, it’s a commitment to improving their community.

In 2000 the couple started Walnut Way Conservation Corp., an organization rooted in Milwaukee’s Lindsay Heights neighborhood that is responsible for a series of programs targeted at addressing the community’s most pressing issues. Access to healthy food, environmental education, and wellness programs are all under their expansive umbrella.

In May 2019 there was a groundbreaking celebration for the next big project Sharon and Larry are developing: Adams Garden Park.

The term “park” is more of a metaphor than a literal description of the space. They are rehabilitating a property that has long been vacant off of Fond du Lac Avenue and turning it into an environmental hub.

Laura Dyan Kezman

The rehabilitation of the vacant property that will soon be Adams Garden Park started in May 2019.

The newly renovated building will be a community space that promises to work towards overall environmental improvement, including clean air, pure water, and healthy land. It additionally will provide families with experiential learning opportunities and seeks to boost the neighborhood’s economic vibrancy.

Adams Garden Park currently has four confirmed tenants, including Milwaukee Water Commons, Milwaukee Environmental Consortium, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, and Walnut Way‘s Blue Skies Landscaping.

Watch the video above to walk through Walnut Way’s orchards and enter the construction zone of the soon-to-be Adams Garden Park.