What’s the deal with that big frog on the East Side?

What’s the deal with that big frog on the East Side?

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Black Cat Alley transforms an old alleyway into breathtaking street art

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t, but it’s official: one giant frog has taken over the East Side.

Or… the side of a building on Kenilworth and Farwell Avenue, at least.

IMG_9632Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Designed and painted by French mural artist MTO, the frog is a part of a new and exciting mural project spearheaded by illustrator Stacey William and UWM Professor Tim Decker,

“…You don’t really realize how big it is until someone tells you it’s got a seven-foot tall eyeball!” laughs Stacey.

IMG_9507Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

And when it comes to new incredible mural art on the East Side, the French frog is just the beginning.

This mural project, Black Cat Alley, has invited local, national and international artist to come transform two blocks of alleyway on the East Side into a breathtaking (and permanent!) walk-through art gallery.

IMG_9580Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

And with artists painting all this week to meet their Sunday deadline, we’re already impressed by what we’ve seen so far.

Stacey explains, “Some of the [topics] being explored… there’s a 20-foot tall man in prison garb that’s a statement on black male incarceration in our city….”

ARTinProgressMakenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

“…and then on the other end of the spectrum there are things just bursting with joy and happiness like the monarch butterflies by Jeremy Novy…”

IMG_9613Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

“…or the celebration of African-American Family Values…”

IMG_9619Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

“It’s just the different things that are touching each artist. We’re very excited to see the finished results.”

For more on Black Cat Alley, you can check out progress on their Facebook and website or take a walk through yourself! Click here for a detailed map of the location.