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Braise RSA

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Are you among a growing number of people that care where your food comes from? Do you like to support local farmers and small businesses? If the answer is yes, you have probably attended a farmers market at least once in the last few years. When you eat out at a restaurant, do you wonder where they get the food they are serving you?


Some of Milwaukee's locally owned restaurants have gathered their resources to create Braise RSA (Restaurant Supported Agriculture). The business model is the first of its kind in the country…and perhaps in the world. And it started right here in Milwaukee, in 2008. The chefs from Braise RSA member restaurants work directly with local farmers as they place their orders collectively. The farmers know exactly how much they need to grow and bring all the food to one centralized hub….the Braise RSA warehouse in Bay View. Instead of delivering 20lbs of tomatoes….they can deliver 700lbs. The food is  picked up by local restaurants, saving farmers time and the cost associated with delivering to several locations.


Check out the story above for more information about Braise RSA, and learn more about participating restaurants and farmers online at

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