Breaking down language barriers
through storytelling

Breaking down language barriers
through storytelling

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Storytelling arts group Ex Fabula creates bi-lingual story slam show, Proyecto Puente
ex fabula and proyecto puente

ExFabula Executive Director Megan McGee (left) with program participant Lydia Lopez.

Do you ever think about how weird language is?  Really it’s just collection of mouth sounds, strung together in a particular order, that we have given random meaning.

And as readily as it brings people together, it can also deeply divide us, making almost all communication impossible.

But Ex Fabula, a local storytelling-focused arts group, is working to break down those language barriers with a first-of-its-kind story slam called Proyecto Puente.

Spanish for “the Bridge Project,” the bi-lingual show will showcase amateur storytellers, sharing personal stories live on stage, entirely in Spanish.  Translators will follow along, too, speaking aloud their stories in English.

The hope is “the English- and Spanish-speaking populations listen to real personal stories, learn from each other and build a community that will transcend language barriers,” said Ex Fabula Executive Director Megan McGee on the group’s website.

Proyecto Puente is March 10 at the Modjeska Theater.  Tickets are $8 and can be purchased in advance on the Ex Fabula website.  Additional details are available its Facebook page.

Click the podcast player above to listen in on a recent storytelling workshop in preparation for the show, and hear from our interview with McGee and Gerardo Martinez, a program participant.