How one 17-year-old from Shorewood is helping give kids a voice

How one 17-year-old from Shorewood is helping give kids a voice

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Meet Katie Eder, CEO and founder of nonprofit, Kids Tales

Instead of telling a story to a young child, when was the last time you flipped it: when was the last time you asked a child to tell you a story?

“Most kids, no one ever asks them for their opinion… or their story. When we give them a platform to tell a story we’re saying ‘Your voice matters. Your story matters. You have a voice that we want to listen to.'”

Meet Katie Eder, a 17-year-old from Shorewood that, speaking of stories, has one incredible story of her own: she’s currently active CEO and founder of her very own international nonprofit that’s helping young kids share their stories, Kids Tales.

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“Kids Tales is a nonprofit that inspires kids to find their voice through creative writing. …We send high school students into summer camps and schools, primarily in low-income areas, to teach younger students creative writing. This summer we’ll teach 200 students here in Milwaukee, we’ll be in close to 12 US cities and 7 countries.”

But what has this young woman learned from her experience? No one’s voice should go unheard.

Listen to the piece below:

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Interested in learning more about Kids Tales and possibly becoming a teacher yourself? You can learn more about Katie and Kids Tales here