The life of a singing telegram man

The life of a singing telegram man

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Local man keeps tradition alive
I've been playing the guitar since I was 8 years old, so you're talking about 50 years.



John Spasaro has — there’s no other way to say this — an unusual job.

“Most people that do singing telegrams, I think, don’t bring a guitar. I think I’m one of the first ones,” he said.

In fact, delivering singing telegrams is his full time gig.

And he does it all.

Need a pink gorilla to wish your loved one a Happy Birthday?  John can do that.  He even does Elvis, but it’ll cost a few dollars more.

“Yeah, a little extra for Elvis.  I charge more for Elvis.”

But today, he’s helping Davion Sanders, a senior at John Marshall High School, ask his girlfriend to prom with a surprise visit to her classroom.  Dressed, of course, as the Easter Bunny and strumming “Brown Eyed Girl” on his guitar.


To no surprise, she said yes.

After the performance out in the hallway, students play back the video on their smart phones.  Meanwhile, I catch up with the happy couple.  Dayja is a bit too overwhelmed to talk, but Davion is pretty pleased with himself.

“It was romantic,” he said.


So where did he get the idea?

“Actually I told my mom about what I wanted to do, and at first it was way different.  But then she said you should get a singing telegram, and she looked it up for me.”

Click the player above to hear the singing telegram.