Meet the 2019 Fall Ball Singers, aka Rockstars!

Meet the 2019 Fall Ball Singers, aka Rockstars!

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88Nine Radio Milwaukee is pleased to announce the lineup for the 6th Annual Karaoke for a Cause. These brave community leaders will step on stage to pursue their rockstar dreams as they karaoke, backed by a live all-star band of Milwaukee musicians. We will be crowning a winner on September 20th for best performance AND most money raised. Who will end up on top? Only time will tell…

All proceeds from this fantastic karaoke debut directly support 88Nine Radio Milwaukee; helping discover new music, connect people to our city and to each other and make a positive difference in Milwaukee. You can show your support by visiting Thank you for being a supporter and a part of the 88Nine family. 

Beth Ridley

Beth Ridley is founder and owner of The Brimful Life, a content and consulting company that helps individuals and leaders fill careers and communities with joy and meaning. When Beth was approached to be in the karaoke for a cause competition, her first reaction was, “No way!” due to being self-diagnosed as tone-deaf. But a friend reminded Beth that the company she launched is all about encouraging people to get out of their comfort zones to realize new possibilities.

Chad Anthony

Chad Anthony is Senior Group Counsel at Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions. In other words, he is a corporate attorney with focus on mergers and acquisitions, product distribution and commercial contract. Don’t let his title fool you, Chad is an extremely fun guy! He will be bringing us back to the ’80s with his karaoke performance. A precursor to the ’80s vs. ’90s DJ battle at the end of the night. Get ready to dance!

Chris Rowland

Chris Rowland is Managing Director with ManpowerGroup. When Chris moved to Milwaukee in 2016, he started listening to 88Nine as a connection to what was happening locally. “It was my first introduction to the vibrant community I was becoming a part of. Growing up through the arts, and being an LA transplant, I have always been connected to local music, community stories and the many ways in which the arts create unity.”

DJ Hines

DJ, Darrell Hines II, is the Chief Operations Officer of Christian Faith Fellowship Church. He is also a lovely member of the Radio Milwaukee board, helping the continued growth of our station. DJ has accomplished a lot throughout the years and was even named by the Milwaukee Business Journal as a member of the top 40 under 40 list. DJ will be taking this energy to the next level by stepping on stage in front of hundreds of people to Karaoke for a Cause.


88Nine is always looking for ways to elevate Milwaukee’s music scene, such as programs like Backline MKE. gener8tor has been a huge supporter of Backline and helping Milwaukee become known as one of the country’s most vibrant music cities. gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. They are now showing their generosity by having one of their own, Joe Kirgues, Karaoke for a Cause.

Holly McCoy

Holly McCoy is Executive Director at Literacy Services of Wisconsin by day and President of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network by night. She helps foster community partnerships through her outreach efforts, and frequently speaks on adult literacy issues and the adult literacy services available within Milwaukee. Did we mention she’s a mother of 5? She’s truly doing it all!

Jacarrie Carr

Jacarrie Carr is CEO of Jacarrie Kicks4Kids, changing the world two feet at a time. This non-profit donates shoes to those in need and hosts an annual back to school shoe drive. Jacarrie would probably tell you that he can’t sing but he has a lot of heart and that’s why he is willing to support Radio Milwaukee in Karaoke for a Cause.

Marley Kleiman

Marley is a Milwaukee born lady, currently living in the south suburbs, aka Chicago. Even though she is currently living in Chicago, Milwaukee and 88Nine are a huge part of her life. She even has a 414 tattoo (That her father later copied and got as well!) In Marley’s words, “88Nine is a true asset to the community and an agent for change. I am so proud to have the opportunity to support it. “

Rick Katschke

Rick Katschke is the Social and Digital Coordinator at Educators Credit Union. He is participating in Karaoke for a Cause because he believes in what 88Nine is doing for Milwaukee. “Beyond the great music and stories on the air, the station offers incredible programs and opportunities for community participation.”

Stephen Bloch

Maybe some of you remember Stephen Bloch, as he performed Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in 2016. He’s decided to come out of retirement and try it again; this time with his daughter Jillian. In his words, “What’s the worst that could happen? I could raise some money for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, an organization that has been an important part of my day to day experience in Milwaukee since day one!”

Vic and Gab

Reyna has accepted the challenge to “Karaoke for a Cause” in support of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, with a twist! For one night, they will reunite the original Vic and Gab members to play at Fall Ball. “We’ve pledged to raise money on behalf of Radio Milwaukee and this is where we need your support! We are taking action because we believe in what 88Nine is doing for Milwaukee and we are also extremely grateful for all the support they have showed our band.”

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