Milwaukee celebrates Black Trans Visibility Celebration Week

Milwaukee celebrates Black Trans Visibility Celebration Week

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Get ready! The Black Trans Visibility Celebration Week is just around the corner. Starting March 27 and running through April 2, it will be an inclusive event exploring how to support and celebrate Black trans and non-binary lives.

Elle Halo, co-organizer of The Black Rose Initiative, is planning the week along with organizers from Sisters Helping Each Other Battle Adversity.

“Our Black Trans Visibility Celebration Week is Milwaukee-born,” says Elle. “But we have guests, friends, speakers and panelists that are local trans folks and that are national advocates. Our visibility week will be a mix of local people and some national advocates.”

There will be virtual panels, like the “Womxn’s Discussion Panel,” along with in-person events and drag performances.

“We have a mini drum line, we have a mini skate crew,” says Elle. “We want everyone to come out and join us and celebrate and have this moment of inclusion and healing for our whole community.”

In addition, Elle says that there’s a chance for people to get tested for Covid-19.

Photo courtesy: Elle Halo

“The protest community, our LGBTQ community and our Black community are three communities that have been under-serviced in Covid-19 outreach, education and access to testing and access to vaccines,” says Elle.

Elle says that people will have access to Black doctors and health practitioners where they can ask questions and interact with the healthcare professionals as opposed to just absorbing information seen on the news. 

Elle says that you can connect with her on social media if you want to volunteer or donate or sponsor the event. She also stresses that it’s an inclusive event. While Black trans people are the focus, all are welcome for “information, community building, love, healing and anchoring,” says Elle.

Event details are still evolving so make sure to check the Black Trans Visibility Celebration Week Facebook page.

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