Milwaukee Encounters: Telethon brighten our Halloween with two freaky ghost stories

Milwaukee Encounters: Telethon brighten our Halloween with two freaky ghost stories

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Every day between now and Halloween we’re sharing mystical, magical and maleficent stories from some of our favorite Milwaukee musicians — that’s right, we’re talking spooky stories.

On this episode of Milwaukee Encounters, we’re joined by Kevin and Gene from Telethon, who each have a scary story to tell. Kevin tells us a freaky story about witnessing a car with no driver. He was a kid, but he had a clear view of it for miles from the back of an RV in Ohio. “Do you believe me?” he asks us. His parents didn’t believe him, but he’s sure of what he saw. It was 2000 — long before self-driving cars were imaginable.

Gene tells us about living across the street from a cemetery in Delavan and the strange green light he saw coming from it at night — and what happened when he went to check it out.


If you missed our previous episodes of Milwaukee Encounters, you can hear Cat Ries share an uncanny experience at the Seven Bridges trail; Barry Paul Clark recount the scariest thing he ever experienced at a famously haunted Milwaukee venue and LUXI tell us the creepiest thing she’s ever experienced. We also talked to Nicholas Shubert from GGOOLLDD and BLOOD about the terrifying two words he heard whispered in a house in Riverwest and Protegé about the photo of a ghost he wishes he never took.

You can stream Telethon’s fantastic 2019 album “Hard Pop” below.

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