Milwaukee mourns Orlando victims

Milwaukee mourns Orlando victims

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Hundreds of people — LGBTQ and their allies — stood in solidarity outside Milwaukee City Hall Monday in remembrance of the 49 people who were shot to death in Orlando.  Keep scrolling to listen in and to see photos from the vigil.

Following the devastating events in Orlando, here in Milwaukee, the community is beginning to heal.

Hundreds took to the streets outside City Hall Monday evening to express their shared grief and to stand in solidarity with those still processing the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

It left 49 people — mostly LGBT people of color — dead.

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Following remarks from the mayor and other community leaders, the bells of City Hall were sounded 16 times, once for every time President Obama addressed the nation in response to a mass shooting.

Most striking of all, however, were the comments made by people in attendance.

As I wandered around the vigil, the people I spoke with expressed disbelief and anger. But above all, a feeling of perseverance, bravery and community emerged.

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