Motherly love wins award at Pridefest

Motherly love wins award at Pridefest

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Seiler wins award for holding a loving sign out front of Pridefest for the past 20 years

“When Brian was four years old I knew he was gay. And it just never, ever bothered me. I love him.”

Susan Seiler has always loved her son, Brian. And by displaying her love for her son the past 20 years outside of Pridefest, Susan’s love for her son and the LGBT community has been displayed to thousands.

god_blessed_me_with_a_gay_son_by_shownaSusan holds her sign out front of the Summerfest Gates. Photo: Showna

This past week at Pridefest, Susan was awarded the 2016 Pride Award for helping make Milwaukee a safe and inclusive environment for our LGBT community. But how did holding one sign turn into such an interactive and inspiring action? Sharon explains,

“It all started about 20 years ago at Pridefest. I think I was looking for the bathroom and I walked by the main gate. I just stood there with my mouth open because I saw all these black signs and they were all hate signs.”

And its true. Even today you’ll see protestors at pride festivals and LGBT events- and that really struck a chord in Susan not just as a mother, but as a human being.

For her to be doing this to help all who are suffering or have families that don't accept them... She's done a lot for many people.

“I just laid in bed one Saturday morning and said, ‘What can I as one person do to help?'”

Her answer came through holding her sign, which now, seen year after year by many, has turned her into a familiar face outside the Pridefest gates.

IMG_1266News clippings over the years featuring Susan and her sign.

Her son Brian and his fiancee, Carston, joined Susan at Pridefest this weekend while she was awarded. Brian expresses that year after year, his mothers love for the LGBT community has been received with thousands of hugs, long conversations and many teary-eyed individuals,

“She’s an amazing woman. For her to be doing this to help all that are suffering or have not come out yet or have families that don’t accept them… She’s done a lot for many people. I’m very proud of her for that.”

IMG_1281Susan and her son Brian (left) and his fiancee Carston (right)

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