New window clings identify LGBT-friendly businesses

New window clings identify LGBT-friendly businesses

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LGBT Chamber of Commerce's 'Welcoming and Inclusive' campaign opens doors to all

“In this age of so-called ‘Religious Freedom’ and all the anti-LGBT legislation we see across the country, we know how important it is to help brand businesses as welcoming and inclusive and show that they are open to all people.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And starting this month, with the help of a little window cling, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce is letting businesses put some important words on their front door.


Executive Director Jason Rae explains,

“It’s a beautiful, double-facing window decal static-cling, 4×4 inches… it’s got a rainbow coloring with a big ‘WI’ that looks like an open door. [It is] just something unique that will stand out to folks but really showing that everyone is welcome.”

Notice a few of these rainbow window clings on businesses already?

It’s part of a new project by the  LGBT Chamber of Commerce called “Welcoming and Inclusive.” For the first time in Wisconsin, these window clings are giving businesses the opportunity to openly identify as LGBT-friendly to the public.

“Study after study has shown that LGBT individuals, as well as allies, really want to do business with those that share their values. There’s actually a study that shows that LGBT individuals are willing to spend up to two times as much on a product or service if it meant they were supporting someone that they knew supported them.”

....LGBT individuals are willing to spend up to two time as much on a product or service it if meant they were supporting [a business] that supports them.

But are these exclusive to local businesses or the Milwaukee area? Nope.

Jason says the stickers are welcome to all, and he and his team are excited to see them slowly start popping up throughout the state.

“So as you’re walking down the street in some community in Wisconsin you can see the sticker on the window,  you can say ‘Hey, this is a place that welcomes me’ ….we’re really excited about that.”

Want to snag one of these Welcoming and Inclusive stickers for your business? You can grab your own here and learn more about the LGBT Chamber of Commerce on their website at

Listen to my full interview with Jason by clicking the podcast player above.