Meet the voices behind Precious Lives

Meet the voices behind Precious Lives

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Precious Lives: The Live Show talks youth and gun violence through music, poetry and storytelling
At the end of the day, you're killing off people. And you're killing off young people who could most likely change the world.

Timberley Brown, a sixteen-year-old from Milwaukee High School of the Arts, has always been mature for her age.

“I feel like I’ve been mature since middle school. I like to have fun and be goofy and stuff, but when it’s time to be serious then, yeah. I can be serious.”

IMG_6237And next Wednesday, Timberley’s thoughts on a pretty serious topic, gun violence in Milwaukee, will be heard live in front of an audience at the Pabst Theater.

Timberley and other participants from the WUWM radio series Precious Lives, which tackles youth and gun violence in Milwaukee, will be partaking in Precious Lives: The Live Show. And by bringing these participant’s thoughts and stories to life through music, poetry and storytelling, the show hopes to open up the conversation on issues facing Milwaukee.

Timberley explains,

“Violence is just overrated. Especially gun violence: it’s just over senseless things… at the end of the day you’re killing off people. And you’re killing off younger people who could most likely change the world.”


And why does Timberley, at only sixteen-years-old, already feel it’s important to share stories and discuss sometimes difficult topics like this?

“….to let people know that they’re not by themselves. You have many people that think their problem is [the worst]. Little do they know other people are experiencing the same problems… It’s important to talk to people and talk about what’s going on.”

Precious Lives: The Live Show premiers this Wednesday, June 15 at the Pabst Theater. More on the live show and ticket info can be found at

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