School uses technology to engage students

School uses technology to engage students

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Milwaukee Community Cyber High School (also known as MC2), started as an on-line charter school for Milwaukee Public School high school students. Now, in it's 4th year, MC2 enrolls 130 students at it's Walker's Point location, grades 9 through 12. Using the latest in technology, students combine on-line curriculum with self-paced work and face-to-face teacher support. 

"Most of the projects we do are in a group," says Heather Aguirre, a 9th grader at MC2. " It helps you want to interact with more students." She says that learning with students with different backgrounds, races and cultures has been one of her favorite things about going to this high school.

Manny Ortega-Villa, a senior, has found the small class size has helped him with his education. "I find it important for teachers to know you. Once they acknowledge you, they can help you a little more."

Listen to the story above to hear from teachers and learn more about MC2 students.


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