Senior residents get free repairs to their Miller Valley homes

Senior residents get free repairs to their Miller Valley homes

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Near West Side Partners and Revitalize Milwaukee team up for 'Mini Block Build'

Critical repairs were recently completed on eight homes in the Miller Valley — many of them occupied by seniors and longtime residents — thanks to a unique partnership.

Near West Side Partners, and umbrella nonprofit representing seven neighborhoods, teamed up with Revitalize Milwaukee for its recent “Mini Block Build.”

The daylong effort recruited 140 volunteers, including students from Marquette University and MillerCoors employees, to make small repairs on houses on low-income and disabled residents’ houses who were unable to do the work themselves.

Photo via Revitalize Milwaukee.

Volunteers rebuilt porches, cleaned up overgrown brush, spruced up landscaping and helped winterize residents’ homes.

Working alongside certified tradespeople, they also helped to update old plumbing and electrical systems in some houses.

Photo via Revitalize Milwaukee.


Click the player below to hear from one woman, a former nun, who had repairs done on her property.

35 year resident, Deirdre, uses a wheelchair to access her parking spot in the back of her home near 37th and State St. Volunteers installed a ramp (pictured below) to make it easier for her to get to her car.

Residents who received repairs were first required to complete a thorough application process, then they were prioritized based on their needs.

Near West Side partners raised more than $15,000 to support the block build.