Community-participated ‘paint-by-number’ mural goes up in Sherman Park

Community-participated ‘paint-by-number’ mural goes up in Sherman Park

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Artist Tia Richardson installs 'Sherman Park Rising'

Artist Tia Richardson has done her fair share of mural paintings over the past few years, but her current mural, titled Sherman Park Rising, is a bit different,

“People get intimidated when they hear the word ‘painting’ if they’re not artists. The whole idea here is to have anybody become involved and participate and experience what its like to be painting on a wall as part of a community.”

Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Milwaukee artist Tia Richardson stands in front of her mural Sherman Park Rising on Center Street.

Thanks to a unique ‘paint-by-number’ format she designed for the image, the work in painting the image itself was partially completed by neighbors, friends and family this past week.

The installation, which Richardson estimates to take around four weeks, kicked off this past Wednesday and depicts an image of the Sherman Park neighborhood lifting each other up using vines and blossoms.

“I love it when people can come out where they are and participate,” the artist explains, “People come and no matter what state of mind or condition they’re in they stay for a bit and leave transformed to some degree.”

The mural is located at 4715 W. Center Street and is set to be finished mid-September.

Listen to our full story on Sherman Park Rising by artist Tia Richardson below:

Rendering of the completed mural, which is set to be done in September.

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