Stressful times calls for meditation and taking a moment to recenter

Stressful times calls for meditation and taking a moment to recenter

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Kristen Pesature-Olds of Elle Studio + Wellness says that during stressful times it’s important to find ways to reclaim a sense of control and create mental boundaries for ourselves and that can be through meditation.

The coronavirus pandemic, personal crises and current social injustices seen in the news are stressors that can take a heavy toll on us and potentially make us feel like we’re not in control of our lives.

Taking the time to meditate, or create space through out the day can help refocus on what can be done. It can help with things like regulating emotion, slowing thinking down and finding clarity all things that can help process and mitigate stress.

One thing to keep in mind, says Kristen, is that the goal of relaxation is not to be rid of all that is causing stress. In this time of continuous pressure, it is helpful to be aware of all painful feelings like anger, sadness and use them as armor to get through potential wave after wave of ongoing developments.

Listen to Kristen guide a meditation that helps to refocus and calm throughout the day.

Portrait of Kristen Pesature-Olds
Kristen Pesature-Olds Kristen Pesature-Olds | Photo credit: Ryan Olds

If you’re looking for more meditation and guidance, Kristen teaches a few classes at Elle Studio + Wellness.

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