The value of camping

The value of camping

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Camping or just spending time outdoors is good for our well-being. An opportunity to get out of our daily routine while tuning out the modern world. A chance of waking up to birds chirping and breathing in the fresh air. A moment to slow things down. That’s what I did at Wildman Adventure Resort; I dug into myself a learned a few things about myself.

Three lessons I learned while camping

There’s life beyond our screens

On average, my normal screentime is 14 hours per day. I’ll face the facts and admit that my number probably won’t decrease anytime soon. The first thing I do when I wake up is to check my phone. Technology will always be part of my life. However, I can’t deny that staying at home and facing a digital screen all day has negatively impacted my mood and taken a toll on my body.

One of the perks of camping is unplugging and diving into our surroundings. I can’t put into words how much I benefited from slowing things down, putting my phone down and letting the sky tell me what time it is.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Okay, so I may have forgotten to mention that camping is a new activity for me. In my lifetime, I’ve only camped three times. With few options under lockdown, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to get away and live out my girl scout dreams. The first night didn’t go as planned. It started to rain heavily. I woke up to the sound of lightning, paranoid that a tree would fall over my tent. As the water droplets continued to drip, I started to appreciate the thunder, amazed by each electric strike.

Perhaps adapting to same-day delivery and French press coffee makers made me reactive to discomfort. When I narrowed down my resources, I realized that my body quickly adjusted to a more straightforward way of living. Sometimes it’s okay to be bitten by bugs, sleep on the solid ground and let the outdoors substitute as a bathroom.

We won’t have this for long

Our climate is changing and rising temperatures have affected our ecosystem. It plays an active role in our energy, resources, wildlife and agriculture. Spending a few days surrounded by big lush trees, the Peshtigo River and roaring rapids taught me the importance of sustainability. It’s important to conserve our world and to do our part in helping keep our planet clean and safe for everyone. 

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