There’s a network of tunnels underneath Concordia University

There’s a network of tunnels underneath Concordia University

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It’s pretty genius when you think about it.

When Concordia University in Mequon was built, it included a web of interconnected underground tunnels. It was originally a convent, and at the time, Mequon was much more rural than it is now.

So rather than have the nuns walk outside during the winter, they could instead pass between buildings using the tunnel system.

Photo via OnMilwaukee/Bobby Tanzilo

And they appeared to have enjoyed the trek. OnMilwaukee’s Bobby Tanzilo found some pictures of the nuns zipping through the tunnels on roller skates and riding on bikes, sporting big smiles on their faces.

We head underground this week on Urban Spelunking, plus visit the rest of the Concordia campus.

A few other highlights from this this week’s podcast:

  • There’s a specific reason the Jesus is wearing a blue robe in the stained glass image in the chapel
  • Each tile in the mosaics below was laid by hand
  • Students come to Concordia from Sri Lanka, South Korea and many more countries

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