Water education meets hip-hop in ‘Liquid Gold’

Water education meets hip-hop in ‘Liquid Gold’

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New song touches on water education, conservation and accessibility in Milwaukee

Water as a resource is very important here in Milwaukee.

For years, that’s a message that Milwaukee Water Common‘s, and many others, have been trying to spread.

And now, thanks to the nonprofit True Skool, that message is being spread through a unique and refreshing medium: hip hop.

Artist Tyrone King stands on the shores of Lake Michigan in True Skool’s video for ‘Liquid Gold.’

After participating in Milwaukee Water Commons’ program Water School, the gang at True Skool wrote, recorded, produced and released the song “Liquid Gold“; a catchy hip-hop song that touches on water accessibility, conservation and education here in Milwaukee.

Listen to the conversation about ‘Liquid Gold’ with True Skool and Milwaukee Water Common’s below:

Artist Alicia Nicole in True Skool’s music video for ‘Liquid Gold.’

Give ‘Liquid Gold’ a listen and check out their music video below:

For more on True Skool, check them out on Facebook or at www.trueskool.org.

For more on Milwaukee Water Commons and their Water School program, you can visit them at www.MilwaukeeWaterCommons.org.