Urban Spelunking: Third Ward of yesteryear

Urban Spelunking: Third Ward of yesteryear

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Commission Row's past, one warehouse's future

Formerly known as Commission Row, the stretch of Broadway running through Milwaukee’s Third Ward looked a lot like an open-air marketplace.

Picture the scene in the early 1900s — wholesale fruit and vegetable stands line the streets, with carts of fresh produce for sale on the sidewalk.

Above, steel awnings (still there today) hang from the side of buildings, protecting the fruit stands from the elements.  Large warehouses tower above the street, too, and are constantly abuzz with incoming and outgoing shipments.  People are speaking Italian.  The air smells like ripe fruit.

OnMilwaukee’s Bobby Tanzilo joined me in studio to talk more about the history of the neighborhood, and he takes us inside one warehouse undergoing transformation.

It looked a lot like you'd see in the movies.

- Bobby Tanzilo


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