UWM’s School of Freshwater Science – Science in Our Backyard

UWM’s School of Freshwater Science – Science in Our Backyard

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For undergraduate science students looking to get into graduate school, one of the best ways to enhance their academic profile is through hands-on lab experience.  But for many students, those opportunities aren't available at their university.

That's why students from all over the country came to Milwaukee this summer to study at UWM's School of Freshwater Science.

"It's a destination for studying in large water," said Senior Scientist Dr. Russel Cuhel.

Students get hands-on field and lab experience in the Undergraduate Research Program.  Earlier this summer, students ventured far out into Lake Michigan to gather water samples and returned to the lab to process their findings.  But their work wasn't for a grade.  Instead, some received a stipend, but more importunately, valuable lab experience.

"Research puts a purpose to academic learning. And if you are able to get a research opportunity working in a lab, either early as an intern or as a student hourly, early in your career, it sparks your interest in course work," Cuhel said.

UWM is quickly becoming a research leader in the UW system and nationwide.  And the School of Freshwater Science offers unique research opportunities that students won't find anywhere else in the Midwest.

"We are definitely in the mix of being places that people talk about.  We are well respected in for summer research in aquatic science," Cuhel said.

To connect with the UWM School of Freshwater Science or to learn about the program it offers, check out its official website.

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