Cinebuds’ MKE Film Festival pick of the Day: ‘I Used To Go Here’

Cinebuds’ MKE Film Festival pick of the Day: ‘I Used To Go Here’

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The Milwaukee Film Festival is underway! Click here for all info on the fest. It’s all virtual this year, so no difficult schedules, no waiting in line, no uncomfortable seats! It’s the comfiest festival so far.

Here is how to fest.

Here is all the films.

And here is a list of events. Every night at 8 p.m. Milwaukee Film will be holding a get together called The Nightcap where we will all get together on our computers and check in and chat with directors, actors and maybe some other surprises too.

And every day, me and Kpolly are highlighting a movie we are watching and one that we think you would like too.

Our pick for Opening Night tonight is “I Used To Go Here”

OPENING NIGHT! Thirty-something Kate (Gillian Jacobs) has just published her first book. She should feel proud, but with all of her friends getting married and having kids, she feels like she’s missing out. Things look up when she gets invited to her alma mater by her favorite professor (Jemaine Clement) to talk about her success as a writer. But her trip isn’t quite the victory lap she imagines and hilarious hijinks ensue in this heartfelt crowd-pleaser from Kris Rey (“Unexpected”).

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