Milwaukee Film Festival picks for Tuesday, Sep. 27

Milwaukee Film Festival picks for Tuesday, Sep. 27

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It is day six of the Milwaukee Film Festival.  There are a lot of great films to see today, but we have selected our top five picks for today.

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Radio Dreams (4PM at The Times)

I mean, we are a radio station. It’s Radio Dreams. It only makes sense, right?

The Last Laugh (4PM at The Avalon)

The premise of this film is, “Can the Holocaust be funny?” Bring a friend, it will certainly be a good conversation starter.

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise (6:30PM at the Times)

Author, poet, intellectual, icon. Maya Angelou gets her story told. A must see.

Sonita (7PM at Fox Bay Cinema)

Sonita tells the story of  Sonita Alizadeh who is an Afghan immigrant living in Iran.  She aspires to be a rapper who writes social injustice.  As a rapper in spite of all her obstacles she confronts in Iran and her conservative family. In harsh contrast to her goal is the plan of her family – strongly advanced by her mother – to make her a bride and sell her to a new family for the price of $9,000.

Kaili Blues (8PM at the Oriental)

Contemplative art house cinema with a 40 minute unbroken shot. This one is for us film nerds. Nerd out tonight.