Don’t miss the Milwaukee Film Festival centerpiece film ‘Coming Clean’

Don’t miss the Milwaukee Film Festival centerpiece film ‘Coming Clean’

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The Milwaukee Film Festival is underway! Click here for all info on the fest. It’s all virtual this year, so no difficult schedules, no waiting in line, no uncomfortable seats! It’s the comfiest festival so far.

Here is how to fest.

Here is all the films.

And here is a list of events. Every night at 8 p.m. Milwaukee Film will be holding a get together called The Nightcap where we will all get together on our computers and check in and chat with directors, actors and maybe some other surprises too.

And every day, me and Kpolly are highlighting a movie we are watching and one that we think you would like too.

Today’s pick is the centerpiece film: Coming Clean

CENTERPIECE FILM! “Coming Clean,” the latest from virtuoso documentarian Ondi Timoner, examines the opioid crisis from the inside, exploring the painful experiences of those in recovery and of policymakers working to undo the systems and industries that perpetuate — and even thrive off of — addiction. This timely documentary offers innovative solutions, while also exposing the uphill battle against the forces of corporate greed and deeply-held stigmas.

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