Where should the James Bond franchise go from here?

Where should the James Bond franchise go from here?

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We’re 88Nine’s Justin Barney and Milwaukee Film’s Kpolly. We’re buds, we like cinema — we’re Cinebuds.

“No Time to Die” is the last James Bond film of the Daniel Craig era. Kpolly and I talk about what that means for the franchise and the future. The movie itself is everything you come to for Bond. There is a nefarious Russian scientist. An evil villain performing a dastardly deed on a private island. Bond wears a tuxedo and beats up bad guys after ordering a martini that is shaken, not stirred. 

Nicola Dove “No Time To DIe” | Photo courtesy MGM

Does it transcend? We talk about it.

What would we like to see in the future of Bond? We talk about it. 

What else have we been watching? We talk about it.

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