This retired teacher has seen nearly 2,000 concerts at Turner Hall

This retired teacher has seen nearly 2,000 concerts at Turner Hall

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Chances are if you’ve been to a show at Turner Hall Ballroom, you’ve said hi to Al Godshaw.

He’s the house manager of shows for the venue, and for every concert, he stands at the top of the staircase greeting patrons on their way into the hall.

If you still can’t place him, here another hint: think pretzels.

For every show, he stands with his signature tub of rods tucked under his arm, passing them out to guests as a conversation starter, saying things like “welcome young man” and “have a great time.”

“My goal is to try and have my patrons have a wonderful experience here,” he says with smile. “It’s the best part of the job.”

godshawNate Imig | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Al Godshaw overseeing preparations for a Denim Day gala at Tuner. He’s rarely seen without a shirt and tie, only before guests arrive.

Godshaw began his second career in concert hospitality shortly after retiring from Milwaukee Public Schools. He spent 43 years as an educator and guidance counselor, and when he stepped down, he knew wanted to keep busy.

He started as volunteer usher at the Pabst Theater and worked there for a few years.  But when Turner Hall reopened as a music venue in 2007, he made a transfer and eventually became the house manager.  Since then, he has been present for nearly every show — almost 2,000 in total.

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