Can music play a part in shaping your identity?

Can music play a part in shaping your identity?

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Milwaukee-native and Ex Fabula storyteller, Camille Davis, tells her story.

What is the first album you remember listening to?

What did you parents play in your home when you were growing up?

What song was playing when you and your date danced at senior prom?

What was your first song you and your spouse danced to?

Justin Barney | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

“What song moves you?” Radio Milwaukee Stone Creek customers jot down their favorite music on our public blackboard.

All this month on In the Wings our topic is ‘Urban Arts’, and this week we’re exploring how art can help shape moments of our life and even help us find a sense of identity.

At our most recent Cultural Commons event, we heard from Ex Fabula storyteller and Milwaukee native, Camille Davis. She told us all her story about how, as a black woman living in Milwaukee, music has helped shaped her and has helped her become who she is today.

Listen to Camille’s story below:

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