Forget peanuts and Cracker Jack, Miller Park has pierogies and kale salad

Forget peanuts and Cracker Jack, Miller Park has pierogies and kale salad

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Buffalo Chicken Kettle ChipsScott Paulus/Milwaukee Brewers

Buffalo Chicken Kettle Chips

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Brewers’ baseball is just around the corner.  Opening day will take place on April 2 where they’ll be playing the Cardinals.  Just as tailgating on opening day is a tradition, so is trying out all the new food offerings at Miller Park.

Food options at baseball stadiums have been evolving over the years from popcorn and hot dogs to sushi and raw oysters.  Miller Park also has been keeping up with the times especially when it comes to food.  Today, they share the new food offerings for the 2018 season.

A few months ago, the Brewers announced a new partnership with Johnsonville Brats. This partnership includes that fans can purchase a variety of Johnsville products during the game including bratwurst, beer cheese brats, Italian sausage, and Polish Sausage.

In addition to Johnsville sausages, Miller Park will introduce a selection of pierogis (I’m kind of surprised they never had them before). There will be two types of pierogis – Polish sausage with sauteed onions and peppers tossed in a parmesan sauce and sauerkraut and bacon tossed in a sweet bacon dressing.

pierogi miller park

Other items include loaded kettle chips (buffalo chicken and steak and cheese), jumbo pretzels with your choice of toppings – salted, sweet & smoky, or cinnamon sugar. Then there will be options for the health conscious including items like baby kale and berry salad, Thai salad, minted fruit cup, turkey avocado club, and fresh whole fruit.

Miller Park will also offer a few new cocktails including Beamade (Jim Bean Honey mixed with lemonade and seltzer), Kentucky Mule, and Beam Orchard Twist (Jim Bean Apple mixed with cranberry juice and seltzer).

Here is the full menu:

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