Elevate your noodles with this easy ginger-scallion sauce

Elevate your noodles with this easy ginger-scallion sauce

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Each week on Radio Milwaukee, Milwaukee Magazine dining critic Ann Christenson and 88Nine’s resident foodie Tarik Moody discuss Milwaukee’s culinary and restaurant culture on This Bites.

Ann has off this week; she’s taking a much-needed break. We’ll be back next week with a full new episode highlighting the city’s culinary delights. But in the meantime we have some recommended reading. Milwaukee Magazine has a roundup of five local cocktail kits to keep your thirst quenched during this quarantine.

We also have some restaurant news: Despite opening during the pandemic, the Thai restaurant Sweet Basil is off to a strong start, reportedly selling out some days. In sadder news, though, Blues Egg in Shorewood has closed permanently. The good news is there are plans to open up a new restaurant later.

And finally, for the kids, there’s a new weekly “Sesame Street” segment where the Cookie Monster teaches kids how to cook. In the latest installment, he makes a smoothie.

Tune in for all of that and our cookbook of the week, “Momofuku” by David Chang. It contains an easy recipe for fabulous ginger-scallion sauce that you can put on just about anything. It’s especially great on noodles.

Ginger-scallion sauce | flickr.com/photos/woodwood/4363830588/

Stream the episode below.

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