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‘Jews in Space’ explores the cosmos with its roots firmly in history

“Jews in Space,” the new exhibit at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, is exactly what it sounds like: the convergence of space, exploration and the groundbreaking Jewish impact on understanding the universe.

The exhibit opens by laying out the connection between astronomy and Judaism. There’s a thorough mapping of the lunar calendar, which Jewish people follow based on the monthly cycles of the moon phases and use to help determine holidays. The artifacts featured by the museum include historical samples in Hebrew and Yiddish that date back to the 18th century.

But the connection doesn’t end there. In fact, the exhibit has an extensive timeline that highlights significant contributions, events and individuals. It all wraps up with an immersive experience: the GeoDome Portal created by the Elumenati, a Milwaukee-based company.

The portal creates a virtual-reality environment from NASA footage so visitors can explore the solar system. It’s a fittingly grand finale that allows you to sit and take a pause to understand the complexity of space while creating an unforgettable experience.

For this episode of Uniquely Milwaukee, I talked to Jewish Museum Milwaukee Curator Molly Dubin to learn about the connection Judaism has to astronomy and exploration, as well as the importance of highlighting significant contributions in space.

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