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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Cameron and Dave with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Listen: Yesterday, we heard from Kendrick and Brittany, a Big Brothers Big Sisters match who competed in a BBBS 2-on-2 basketball tournament at Mitchell Park a few weekends ago. After I spoke with them, I had a chance to meet Cameron and Dave as they were stepping off the court after winning the championship. I caught their final game, and they were really really good. They earned that trophy.

Listen, as Dave and Cameron bask in the glow of victory and have a little fun: see podcast below.

Want to hear Cameron’s mixtape? You can download it right here!

Out take! As their interview was winding down, I asked Cameron and Dave to come up with a name for their seemingly unstoppable basketball duo:

Viper Death Squad! If there was any way for them to be more intimidating to their opponents, it seems like they found it.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee is looking for mentors right now! If you’re interested, go to their website and get involved . And on a personal note, I’m a big brother and I have totally loved the experience — you will too!

Produced by: Adam Carr