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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Matt and Elijah with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Listen: During last year’s Make A Difference campaign, we focused on volunteers and mentors in Milwaukee, highlighting the impact their work has in the community as well as how the experience impacts the volunteer/mentor. When I was working with the YMCA’s wonderful One on One program, I met Matt and Joseph. They were shining examples of how positive and productive a mentor/mentee relationship can be.

So, when I arrived at the Big Brothers Big Sisters basketball tournament we’ve been hearing about all week and saw Matt there, I wasn’t surprised. He’s an incredibly devoted mentor. Listen to big brother Matt and his little brother Elijah, as they recall one of their most memorable afternoons together: see podcast below.

Out take! Tried as hard as I could, but I could not find a way to work this piece of tape into the piece. For whatever odd reason, I find it so sincere and sweet:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee is looking for mentors right now! If you’re interested, go to their website and get involved . And on a personal note, I’m a big brother and I have totally loved the experience — you will too!

Produced by: Adam Carr