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"Make A Difference": 2010 Election | The League of Young Voters

Listen: Canvassers. You know who they are. Every two years, they hit the sidewalks with a clipboard, a message, some literature, and a list of addresses to hit. They try to keep a smile on their face and optimism in their eyes in the face of long days of walking, stubborn ears, and slammed doors. It takes a certain kind of person to canvass — I’ve done a fair amount of it in my days, and I kinda relish the challenges.

The Wisconsin League of Young Voters, part of the Campaign Against Violence, has a contingent of canvassers going out this election season, registering voters and collecting voting pledge cards. For this piece, I wanted to get an audio-sample of what it’s like from their side — listen as Romero, Sidney, and Conan introduce us to the world of canvassing (see the link at the bottom of the page).

In this second piece, I have Field Manager Romero go solo — he gives an individual’s perspective of what it’s like to hit the streets:

If you took the time to listen to and read this post, you really need to go vote in the upcoming primary! See our  “Voting Made Even Easier”  election guide for answers to all your questions! Also,  check out the League of Young Voter’s website, as well as  the Campaign Against Violence.