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Club Garibaldi: Music and Wings!/Neighborhood Project Week 7

Joe Dean is the co-owner of Club Garibaldi, and he and his partner Tag not only provide Milwaukee in general and Bay View in particular some killer music, but also some killer wings...Club Garibaldi also has a rich past; its connection to the Garibaldi Society (cue The Godfather theme here...NOT), one of the oldest fraternal organizations in Milwaukee, makes it more than just a great music venue. The Garibaldi Society, formed in 1908, is named after Italian patriot Guiseppe Garibaldi, and is still in existence, with approximately 125 members. Many Milwaukeeans do not know the rich past of this historic building, and I swear when you walk in the venue, you can sense the ghosts of Italy's past wandering through the edifice.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee