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Ondatrpica Puts The Cumbia on Fela Kuti

Ondatrópica, dj/producer/sonidero Will Holland's (aka Quantic) sublime cumbia project, dropped one of the best discs of 2012 with their self-titled debut. A double disc of roots cumbia fashioned with a dj's ear and created in collaboration with some of Colombia's finest musicians; it was a dope idea then and it still is. 



On July 22nd, Ondatrópica is dropping a new single featuring more iconic cover art, a pair of remixes from Lisbon DJ iZem & Dutty Artz tropicologist Atropolis plus an amazing cover of Fela Kuti's "Chop 'n' Quench." That's the one we had on the air at around 10am, a song that gives cumbia and afrobeat in equal measure and a cover that never seems too novel. Some global covers are a bit pedantic, Ondatrópica's cover of "Iron Man" was all right, but with afrobeat I gotta say right on. 

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee