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Saebra & Carlyle are moving at the speed of a cinematic car chase, while sounding like one

Milwaukee duo Saebra & Carlyle have been keeping busy since their debut earlier this year. With a 414 Live session today, a show on Saturday at High Dive and a halftime show on Sunday at Cactus Club, the pair have been consistently active. And judging by their newest singles, they show no signs of slowing down—just like the image of a "Thelma & Lousie"-style open road scene that the music brings to mind.

Late last week, the duo—singer Saebra Laken and guitarist Carlyle Nowak—released three singles (recorded at Silver City Studios) that encapsulate the moody, ominous psyche sound they’ve cultivated over just one year as an official band. Blending powerhouse vocals with that highway, smoke-filled room sound, the tracks show a darker take on Western rock 'n' roll and a fuller sound than we've ever heard from the group.

Listen to the three tracks below and be sure to catch Saebra & Carlysle at High Dive or Cactus this weekend.