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Our new Afternoon Drive host Ayisha Jaffer picks one song she can't stop listening to

5 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To is a collection of our newest favorite songs. Every week we ask an artist that we love to tell us about the music they love.

Listen to the whole segment below.
Ayisha on Santigold

Ayisha Jaffer picks Banshee by Santigold

Ayisha Jaffer is our new afternoon drive host! She's worked with Q-Tip, Lorde and Courtney Barnett, and we are happy to have her back in her hometown here in Milwaukee.

Justin Barney: Ayisha, what is one song you can't stop listening to?

Ayisha Jaffer: I can't stop listening to Santigold's "Banshee."

Justin Barney: Santigold! What do you love about her?

Ayisha Jaffer: I love pretty much everything about Santigold. What she puts into her art and her music, and her sound is very diverse. And she writes for a lot of other people so I think she has a different perspective when she's writing her own music. But you can tell with this album, "99 Cents" that she's writing about herself. It's very clear, and I love that.

Justin Barney: "99 Cents" has a lot of great songs on it. What makes "Banshee" stick out to you?

Ayisha Jaffer: I think Banshee is awesome because it takes all of the musical elements that I love -- tropical beats, urban background, punk rock elements. I think that Nick Zinner from Yeah Yeah Yeah's actually contributes to this song, so all of that goes into one package with "Banshee."

And, I don't know if this is what it's going for, but it's very self love. Being like, "there is this banshee on my shoulder." I always think of that as being that thought in your head saying "no, don't do that, don't do that." And she's like, "WHATEVER! I'm gonna do that and I'm gonna have the best time. I think it's good for me so let's do this."