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HOT TOTS: A spicy interview with Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu is a decidedly serious band. In an article that he wrote for Talkhouse, Jamie Stewart said, "understand the fact that I am a prickly and pretentious D-bag snob." So chugging hot sauce in an interview with Xiu Xiu seemed like the least Xiu Xiu thing to do. Which is exactly what makes it fun.

We decided to chug hot sauce because Xiu Xiu is releasing a new album, "OH NO" on March 26 via Polyvinyl, and with it, they are releasing a hot sauce with Soothsayer Hot Sauce. Coincidentally, the guys at Soothsayer are part owners of X-Ray Arcade in Cudahy and have a hot sauce named X-Ray Arcade (Go Milwaukee!)

They sent us each six bottles of hot sauce to consume while doing the interview. We were going to do wings but Angela Seo is vegan, so tots it was. While we made our way up the hot sauce scale we covered topics like Russian prison tattoos, demonic possession and the time they got kicked out of a bar in Durham for smashing all the glasses on the bar. And we had a lot of fun with a band that hates fun.