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In stark black and white, 'The Lighthouse' descends into madness

Who doesn't love a good descent into madness? Just the phrase "descent into madness." It's so dramatic and theatrical. "The Lighthouse," director Robert Eggers' new movie features two lighthouse keepers in the late 1800's as the meet and then, well... descend.

"The Lighthouse" is Robert Eggers' second movie. His first was "The Witch" in 2015 which was dark and stylish and strange. Here Eggers sticks to a similar timeframe and place. For "The Lighthouse" he essentially rebuilt the language of the day by reading Melville and diary writers from the time. The language is Shakespearean and the action is physical. The whole thing is filmed in a way that makes it stand out immediately. It's almost an exact square on the screen and it's in black and white. It's weird, it's wild, it's wonderful.

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