Cinebuds pick for the Milwaukee Film Festival

Cinebuds pick for the Milwaukee Film Festival

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The Milwaukee Film Festival is underway! Click here for all info on the fest. It’s all virtual this year, so no difficult schedules, no waiting in line, no uncomfortable seats! It’s the comfiest festival so far.

Here is how to fest.

Here is all the films.

And here is a list of events. Every night at 8 p.m. Milwaukee Film will be holding a get together called The Nightcap where we will all get together on our computers and check in and chat with directors, actors and maybe some other surprises too.

And every day, me and Kpolly are highlighting a movie we are watching and one that we think you would like too.

Today’s pick: Kuessipan

On a Quebec Innu reservation, Shaniss and Mikuan are best friends who couldn’t be more different. Shaniss has a large, loving family and wants to attend college for writing. Mikuan has lived on her own for years, raising a baby with her ne’er-do-well boyfriend. The two drift apart when Shaniss starts dating a white boy from her writing class. Adapted from Naomi Fontaine’s acclaimed novel, Kuessipan displays the tension between chasing your dreams and staying true to where you’re from. WISCONSIN ONLY

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