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88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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Playlist for 2014-10-31

October 31, 2014
11:47 AM
Built On Glass
11:35 AM
Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun
11:24 AM
Let Love In
11:08 AM
Dawn of The Dread
11:07 AM
Aguilas And Cobras
11:05 AM
Kill Ya- Single
10:58 AM
Did You Hear the Rain- EP
10:40 AM
Lift Your Spirit
10:36 AM
Ryan Adams
10:07 AM
Thriller - single
10:00 AM
They Want My Soul
09:53 AM
(Everyday Is) Halloween
09:41 AM
Bassically- Single
09:35 AM
09:27 AM
Switch Tape-EP
09:23 AM
Close To The Glass
09:16 AM
09:12 AM
Young The Giant
09:08 AM
Hard Believer
08:59 AM
I Never Learn
08:55 AM
The River-Single
08:45 AM
Waves- Single
08:37 AM
Morning Phase
08:36 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
08:31 AM
08:27 AM
3 Years, 5 Months and Two Days In The Life Of...
08:23 AM
Take Me To Church
08:16 AM
Need Money For Rocket Fuel
07:57 AM
Avant Gardener-Single
07:54 AM
Let 'em Say- Single
07:49 AM
When I Was Younger
07:46 AM
Work It Out- Single
07:43 AM
Stolen Dance
07:34 AM
High Land, Hard Rain
07:18 AM
Art Official Age
07:10 AM
Dead Man's Party
06:57 AM
Wonder Where We Land
06:41 AM
Thsi is All Yours
06:39 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
06:35 AM
06:31 AM
06:19 AM
Alarms in the Heart
06:02 AM
05:59 AM
We Still Move on Dancefloors
05:56 AM
San Francisco (Single)
05:53 AM
When It Was Now
05:50 AM
God Loves You When You're Dancing
05:45 AM
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes
05:36 AM
How To Operate With A Blown Mind
05:32 AM
They Want My Soul
05:29 AM
With Your Two Hands- Single
05:25 AM
Head Up High
05:22 AM
Wonderful Things- EP
05:11 AM
Trouble Will Find Me
05:00 AM
Built On Glass
04:56 AM
The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg
04:52 AM
Chutes Too Narrow
04:39 AM
It's A Shame About Ray
04:35 AM
Don't Disconnect
04:27 AM
American Folk Armageddon (3 song advance)
04:19 AM
Pretty In Pink (Soundtrack)
04:15 AM
Mechanical Bull
04:12 AM
Mean Love
04:08 AM
Morning Phase
03:53 AM
Songs in The Key Of Life
03:42 AM
Did You Hear the Rain- EP
03:39 AM
Painted Caves
03:35 AM
Burn Your Fire For No Witness
03:31 AM
Tied to a Star
03:18 AM
Lost In the Dream
02:58 AM
02:54 AM
For Emma, Forever Ago
02:43 AM
Close To The Glass
02:39 AM
Here, My Dear
02:31 AM
Upside Down Mountain
02:26 AM
Everything At Once- Single
02:19 AM
They Want My Soul
02:11 AM
02:07 AM
Hey Hey
02:04 AM
Welcome to the Monkey House
02:01 AM
Hard Believer
01:57 AM
Mellow Gold
01:53 AM
Hip Hop is Dead
01:46 AM
We Still Move on Dance Floors
01:42 AM
Learning To Crawl
01:38 AM
Waves- Single
01:28 AM
Love In The Future
01:24 AM
01:20 AM
Mind Over Matter
01:15 AM
Moonrise Nation
01:11 AM
Love of Mine
01:09 AM
Ugly Brothers
01:06 AM
Money- Single
01:02 AM
Work It Out- Single
12:59 AM
White Lies - Single
12:55 AM
12:52 AM
Say That to Say This
12:45 AM
Thsi is All Yours
12:41 AM
Purple Rain
12:38 AM
Worship The Sun
12:35 AM
Harlequin Dream
12:27 AM
12:18 AM
12:05 AM
Mash-Up Mondays