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"Be Heard": 4th Street Forum | Work For Minority Men

This week at the 4th Street Forum: For the sixth and final installment in their “Tough Times, Bold Solutions” series, the 4th Street Forum took on the topic of Milwaukee’s problem with unemployment amongst minority men. As many as 51% of minority men in Milwaukee are unemployed — clearly, this is a massive problem. I spoke with few audience members, as well as Alderman Willie Hines, UWM Professor Marc Levine, and the Executive Director of Milwaukee’s Housing Authority, Tony Perez:


Catch this episode of 4th Street Forum on MPTV this Friday at 10PM (Channel 10) and on Sunday afternoon at 3PM (Channel 36).

The 4th Street Forum is taking a two week break and will return on March 19th with  ”Making It In Wisconsin: Manufacturing Our Future,” a discussion surrounding Wisconsin’s prospects as an industrial force in the 21st century. 

More information on the 4th Street Forum is available at their  website. You can also check out the embarrassment of riches that is their video archives here .

Produced by: Adam Carr