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"Neighborhood Project": Week Five, Shea Park In Silver City


Listen:  Each time I spent longer than a few minutes in Silver City, somebody would beam about Shea Park, an unexpected pocket park on National Avenue. I heard that it was an emblem of how a neighborhood could work together. I heard the community made it happen. I heard it won plenty of awards. Sounds like a heartwarming story -- but could it really be that good? The answer is, a resounding "yes." However, the story I got out of it wasn't the one I expected to find. As I was digging around, looking for the perfect people to tell the story, I was referred to former Americorp Vista volunteer Rachel Westergren and Silver City neighbor Howard Bong. They are two remarkably dissimilar people, but they were two of the central figures in making that unlikely park come to life. Also, they have a really interesting and funny relationship with each other. Take a listen:

If you're ever in the neighborhood, you won't be able to miss the park. It has a pergola with a cupola on top. Huh? That's right -- a pergola-cupola mega-structure. Also, if you're on the block, Howard's awesome garden is nearby and definitely worth a look. Produced by: Adam Carr